Rep. Elik: Democrat Election Bill Limits Ballot Access and Insults Voters

State Representative Amy Elik (R-Alton) issued the following statement in response to House Democrats filing and passing last-minute legislation this week. Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 2412 changes the established statute for running for state legislative offices while adding three non-binding referendums to the November 2024 ballot.

“House Democrats filed legislation containing major election law changes Wednesday morning without notice, then passed it through the House the same day. Once again partisan Democrats have shown they care more about serving their own self-interests than passing meaningful legislation to help the residents of Illinois,” said Rep. Elik. “The change to the candidate slating process during the middle of this election cycle can only be viewed as an attempt to manipulate this year’s general election, as they are limiting candidates from running against them. Restricting candidates’ access to the ballot harms our democracy, and is a Democrat incumbent protection action.” 

House Democrats also passed three non-binding resolutions for the statewide ballot, in an apparent attempt to drive turnout for their political candidates, while limiting ballot spots for petition initiatives from citizens. Republican bills filed to address issues such as property taxes and election process fixes have been bottled in Democrat-led committees.

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