Rep. Amy Elik’s Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker presented his annual budget address to the General Assembly today. House Republican Caucus Deputy Budgeteer, State Representative Amy Elik (R-Alton) issued the following statement after the governor’s budget proposal:

“The budget proposed spends $2.29 billion more than last year while increasing taxes on businesses. The people I represent don’t appreciate seeing their tax dollars spent on enticing undocumented immigrants to come to Illinois for housing and Cadillac healthcare. Now that Governor Pritzker presented his budget proposal to lawmakers, it’s time for the House and Senate to work together on a budget that reflects the priorities of the taxpayers we represent. I want to see us reach an agreement this year on a budget that is balanced without any tax hikes, eliminates Cadillac health benefits for non-citizens, and provides tax relief for families.”