Rep. Elik Legislation Aimed at Helping Children and Families

Pictured from left to right at the Illinois Capitol on Thursday are State Representatives Dan Ugaste, Amy Elik, and Jennifer Sanalitro.

State Representative Amy Elk (R-Alton) joined her House Republican colleagues on Thursday to discuss legislation introduced on behalf of the House Republican Women and Families Working Group. Rep. Elik discussed two bills aimed at supporting women and families.

“My focus of the Women and Families Working Group has been trying to find ways to make an impact by helping improve the health and safety of children and families,” said Rep. Elik. “Improving access to child care is critical to helping children and families. Working families with children need more access to childcare. It is especially challenging today for families to find childcare in areas where childcare deserts exist.

State Representative Amy Elik said that she is proud to co-sponsor legislation (HB 4059) to require DCFS to proactively inform people of how they can become childcare providers in hopes that this will increase interest and awareness of this opportunity. “It is especially challenging today for families to find childcare in areas where childcare deserts exist,” said Rep. Elik.

Citing concerns about children’s behavioral health, Representative Amy Elik said children are spending more hours each day in front of an electronic device. According to the CDC, children ages 8-10 spend an average of six hours a day in front of a screen, with about four hours in front of a television. “Six hours a day on a tablet or in front of the TV is not healthy for a child’s behavioral health,” said Rep. Elik.

This is why Rep. Elik sponsored legislation (HB 4060) to require the State Board of Education to prepare and distribute to all public and nonpublic schools information on instructional materials and programs that encourage healthy screen time usage, along with ways to incorporate off-screen activities into daily routines.

As the Illinois General Assembly approaches the end of this year’s legislative session on May 19. Rep. Elik and her colleagues want to keep these issues at the forefront and continue discussions on how lawmakers can help women and families.

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