Rep. Elik’s Legislative Proposals Head to the Senate for Adoption

State Representative Amy Elik (R-Alton) passed several bills out of the Illinois House of Representatives during the first half of the legislative session so far this year. Rep. Amy Elik’s legislative proposals include addressing the teacher shortage, improving background checks on contractors providing transportation for foster children, and honoring Constitution Day in the state.

With nearly 3,000 teaching positions left unfilled as of February 2023, State Representative Amy Elik’s legislation (House Bill 1297) would allow a private school teacher or administrator the option to purchase up to 2 years of service credit if a teacher completed at least 10 years of service as a teacher.

“With the ongoing teacher shortage in our state, this is another incentive to encourage former teachers to come back to teach in our schools,” said Rep. Elik. “With almost 3,000 educator positions unfilled, the legislature needs to continue to find ways to help recruit more educators in Illinois.”

Recommended by the Illinois State Police, State Representative Amy Elik’s House Bill 2618 seeks to improve background checks on every driver who applies for employment with a transportation provider under contract with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Elik’s legislation requires applicants to have their fingerprints electronically submitted to the State Police for criminal history record information. The applicants’ fingerprints will be checked against State Police and Federal FBI criminal history records databases.

“Strengthening background checks on DCFS transportation providers will improve the safety of all foster children receiving a ride by the state agency provider,” said Rep. Elik. “This improves legislation I sponsored that was signed into law last year that requires proper training for drivers on the installation and operation of a child car seat, possession of a valid driver’s license and an adequate driving record, proof of insurance, and proper vehicle maintenance.”

Introduced at the request of the Madison County Regional Office of Education, Representative Amy Elik’s legislation (House Bill 1273) will commemorate September 17 each year as Constitution Day and shall also be a commemorative holiday within school calendars. Constitution Day is recognized federally but not by the State of Illinois, this will not require schools to close for the holiday.

“Not all Illinois schools celebrate or recognize Constitution Day,” said Rep. Elik. “This legislation if it becomes law will ensure schools are celebrating and honoring the Constitution by recognizing the holiday under Illinois law.”

The legislation approved by the House of Representatives awaits action in the Senate. Upon passage in the Senate, Representative Elik’s legislation will head to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

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