Rep. Elik Statement on No Cash Bail SAFE-T Act

State Representative Amy Elik (R-Alton) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives approved minimal changes to the soft on crime SAFE-T Act:

“I will not compromise the safety of my constituents and law enforcement which is why I voted against the SAFE-T Act changes approved by Democrat lawmakers. Beginning on January 1st, many criminals arrested will still be released back on the street much faster without having to post cash bail. The SAFE-T Act as amended still exploits assault victims and cripples law enforcement’s ability to keep us safe. This is the Democrat’s fourth attempt to fix the SAFE-T Act; unfortunately, they got it wrong again. When crime continues to flourish after this law takes effect on New Year’s Day, I expect the legislature will have to again try to fix what is still broken in the SAFE-T Act next year.”