Rep. Elik’s Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address

State Representative Amy Elik (R-Fosterburg) issued the following statement after Governor Pritzker’s annual budget address to the Illinois General Assembly:

“Governor Pritzker’s budget address is nothing more than a mirage. It may seem appealing but once you find out the details, his proposal fails to address the fiscal crisis the state of Illinois is faced with today. It was just two years ago when Pritzker went all-in to support the graduated income tax hike and when it failed, he threatened Illinoisans with a large income tax increase or massive loss of services. And now during an election year, he is dangling tax cuts in the hopes that voters forget his desperation to increase taxes over the last couple of years? Keep in mind, his proposal is only temporary to get through the election, how about he support making these tax cuts permanent? But let us not forget Governor Pritzker signed 24 tax and fee increases into law since he first took office. I support less taxes, yet Illinoisans continue to pay more because of the flawed policies implemented by the Pritzker administration.”