Elik Votes Against Changes to Healthcare Right of Conscience Act and Repeal of Parental Notification for Abortion

State Representative Amy Elik (R-Fosterburg) voted against legislation narrowly approved by House Democrats Wednesday evening to change the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act and Repeal Parental Notification for Abortion.

The Healthcare Right of Conscience Act (HCRCA) has long been held as a model for the nation as a protection of an individual’s sincerely held religious or moral beliefs. Unfortunately, Illinois Democrats, at the behest of Governor Pritzker, approved legislation that would weaken this critical safeguard. 

According to State Rep. Amy Elik, “Last night was the first time the legislature has weighed in on Governor Pritzker’s executive powers since his first lockdown was put into place. And now, 19 months later the legislature chose to give Governor Pritzker more authority while further diminishing our rights at the same time. This is outrageous, the actions made by legislative Democrats threaten our constitutional rights, including our religious and moral beliefs.”

The House approved changes to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act (SB 1169) by only four votes more than needed to pass the chamber.

SB 1169 provides that it is not a violation of the Act for any person or public official, or for any public or private association, agency, corporation, entity, institution, or employer to take any measures or impose any requirements intended to prevent contraction or transmission of COVID-19 or any pathogens that result in COVID-19 or any of its subsequent iterations. Provides that it is not a violation of the Act to enforce such measures or requirements.

In addition to changing the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act. The House also approved, by a slim margin, HB 370 to eliminate the requirement for parents and legal guardians to be notified by health care officials prior to a minor having an abortion or other major medical care.

Rep. Elik added, “The passage of HB 370 in the Illinois General Assembly strips parents of the right to be informed about serious medical decisions their children are making. The repeal of parental notification of abortion gives traffickers and abusers of minor girls the power to keep a pregnancy from a girl’s parents. The liberal Democrats have finally gotten their wish, to make Illinois the most pro-abortion state in the country.”

Illinois is currently one of 38 states to require parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion. The current state law that went into effect in August 2013, requires doctors to give parents at least 48 hours’ notice before performing an abortion on a girl 17 and younger. Under the parental notice of abortion law, some exceptions are made for victims of sexual abuse or those in medical emergencies. On Wednesday evening, Illinois Democrats in the legislature repealed this law requiring parents be notified.