Rep. Elik’s March 2021 Legislative Update

This is my second monthly update to the citizens of District 111, as your State Representative.

February was packed full of Zooms, calls, and meetings, but only one in-person session day in Springfield. We went to Springfield on February 10th to vote on House rules. Speaker Welch’s rules were not much different than former Speaker Madigan’s rules had previously been, and these did pass. The new rules allow us to do our committee hearings virtually, so Zoom committee hearings began the week of March 1st. All hearings are live streamed on the Illinois General Assembly website at

To find the committee hearing schedules, visit, then find the committee and look for the next scheduled hearing date.

I have been assigned to six standing committees: Transportation-Regulation, Roads and Bridges; Energy and Environment; Elementary and Secondary Education-Curriculum and Policy; Labor and Commerce; Revenue and Finance; and Human Services Appropriations. Important issues are going through each of these committees this year, on a wide variety of topics. Over 4,000 bills have been filed in the House. Thus far, the virtual hearings have been going well, and I have appreciated hearing the testimony from various proponents and opponents. 

I have filed fourteen bills thus far. Most of the bills relate to issues that I promised voters I would work on, such as protecting our Second Amendment freedoms, fighting for the unborn, improving our state’s fiscal condition, and property tax relief. You can see the bills I filed, as well as ones that I am co-sponsoring with other Representatives, by visiting, finding my name in the list, and then clicking on Bills.

In last month’s update, I mentioned the issues the state continues to have with the IL Department of Employment Security, with wait times for callbacks lasting four weeks and more. This delays people from getting the benefits they need to live on due to losing their jobs through this pandemic. I continue to speak out to make sure your voices are being heard by the Governor and Director of IDES. In a virtual joint committee hearing last week, I spoke of one example where their system has failed a constituent. After the hearing, I formally requested the Governor allow us to help our constituents by giving us direct access to IDES, and have had no response from the Governor’s office nor IDES. CBS Chicago interviewed me and did a story on the issue and my proposed solutions, so I am hopeful that story will get more attention and some resolution. I find it shameful that our state bureaucracy has failed so many out-of-work people who need assistance.

Please reach out to my office if we can help you navigate state government or if you’d like to share your concerns on proposed state legislation. I can be reached at: 618-433-8046 or email to: My website is:

State Representative Amy Elik, 111th District