Rep. Elik’s Legislative Update

This is my first monthly update to the citizens of District 111, as your new State Representative. I plan to do a monthly update to keep you informed on what I have been working on.

On January 13th, I was officially sworn into the 102nd General Assembly. After weeks of uncertainty of what would happen with the Speaker vote, the actual event was anticlimactic and Emanuel “Chris” Welch was chosen as Speaker, ending Michael Madigan’s decades of rule over the House. Due to this uncertainty, some of the House’s organizational items that would normally be completed sooner have taken longer, e.g. committee assignments. All February session days have been cancelled except for February 10th, where we will vote on House rules. This reduced Springfield schedule gives me more time to spend in the District in February.

In mid-January I announced my new district office location (192 Alton Square Mall Dr, Suite C, Alton). I have hired a Legislative Aide, Stephen Stewart, who is full time in the Alton office. Please call with any questions, issues and concerns that we can help with.

Since Inauguration Day, I have been spending most of my time in meetings, on the phone, emailing and on Zoom conferences with local officials, businesses, constituents, non-profits, House Republican staff and other legislators. I have been warmly welcomed by both Democrats and Republicans and I look forward to building relationships with my colleagues.

We have worked on a wide range of constituent issues, for example, the FOID and CCL card backlog, Covid vaccine concerns, road problems, and more. One of the biggest disappointments I have is with the Illinois Unemployment system. People continue to be unable to get through on the phone to IDES to get their benefits resolved, and many are victims of the fraudulent claim activity, including myself. In addition, legislative offices are no longer able to advocate for our constituents, as IDES will not take our calls anymore, which is completely unacceptable.

My remaining time is spent researching and reading in preparation for filing bills, and for watching other legislators’ bills that have been filed. Over 600 bills have already been filed in the House. I will soon file my own and will review those in my next monthly update. I also watch carefully each day the Covid-19 statistics and vaccine rollout for Madison and Jersey Counties and our Region.

I am proud to announce that I have been appointed to “COGFA,” the Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, a bipartisan commission that provides the state’s revenue estimates and in-depth budget and economic information. I am pleased to use my professional background as a CPA as a member of this commission.

Please reach out to my office if we can help you navigate state government or if you’d like to share your concerns on proposed state legislation. I can be reached at: 618-433-8046 or email to: My website is:

State Representative Amy Elik